Traveler - Want to earn extra spending cash on your next travel abroad?

It's easy, download the app and sign up as a Traveler, and earn cash by carrying items to your destination.


Sender - It’s more convenient, cheaper, and quicker with NFS.

Enjoy our hand-to-hand shipping of gifts and small packages to your loved ones abroad. Download the app and sign up as a Sender.


  1. Post package: Sender uploads image of package, description, destination, pickup and weight. Shipping cost is based on weight of package. Packages over the weight over 50 pounds or 22 kilos are not allowed.
  2. Payment mode: Sender pays for shipping cost with credit card/PayPal or debit card. Sender has the option to increase the shipping costs to attract more travelers to pick package. A Sender’s payment is tagged as pending until there is an offer and acceptance from both sender and traveler.
  3. Offer (Booking): After posting Sender waits for travelers to offer (Book) to transport package.
  4. Acceptance of offer: A Sender’s payment card is debited once he/she accepts an offer from traveler. Funds are deposited in business escrow account until package is delivered to receiver. NFS gets paid a percentage of the shipping cost and the traveler also receives a percentage.
  5. Meeting: Sender meets the traveler at agreed location to deliver unsealed package. Sender provides traveler with pickup code after inspection of package.
  6. Delivery confirmation:  Receiver uses delivery code to confirm receipt of package. Traveler gets paid after confirmation.


  1. BOOK: A traveler books a package on his/her travel destination. 
  2. Payment mode: Traveler select how he/she wants to get paid after delivery: Traveler gets paid through bank account or PayPal.
  3. Meet the Sender at agreed location to pickup unsealed package.
  4. Inspect package and enter pickup code from sender in NFS app to validate pick up
  5. Carry package to destination.
  6. Enter delivery code from receiver to validate delivery of package at destination.
  7. Traveler gets paid when delivery code is confirmed.